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Perfectjammer 2021/11/04

Yesterday, the reporter received a report from a student from the South China Normal University Attached School that the school came up with a "trick" to install Block Incoming Cell Phone Number in the dormitory area in order to prevent students from playing with mobile phones at night. The colonel and the students have their own opinions, but the reporter noticed that the "offensive and defensive war" between the Foshan school and the students has become increasingly fierce in recent years on a mobile phone in a small elementary school. It is worth noting that starting from the end of the previous year, Foshan No. 1 Middle School implemented the first mobile phone management method in the city, which changed from blindly "blocking" to "sparse". After one and a half years, students' use of mobile phones has become relatively orderly, which is to continue to block. Or try to sparse? Schools and parents may wish to take a look. For most schools, the current management of student mobile phones stays at the "primary stage", that is, students are found to use mobile phones in violation of regulations, or even confiscated once they are found to have brought their mobile phones back to the school. A student told reporters that in the school's Academic Affairs Office, there is a safe, which stores mobile phones confiscated by the school for more than a year. cell phone jammer

With regard to this practice commonly implemented in schools, many students believe that it is definitely wrong to play with mobile phones during class or bedtime, which affects both themselves and others. But I hope that the school’s approach can be more reasonable, "the management method cannot be too simple and rude." The reason why the school resorted to the "18 martial arts" to ban mobile phones, a combination of the school's various statements, is nothing more than a phenomenon in the school: individual students play with their mobile phones in class or before going to bed. Therefore, the original intention of introducing various measures is good. But in terms of handling and response methods, the school has been "hard and soft" for so many years, but why are the results different? Parents, students and even the school should have realized that as mobile phones have become a "rigorous need" for students, especially senior students, blindly blocking them will not yield results. You might as well try "sparse". Foshan No. 1 Middle School issued the city's first school management regulations. So the classroom installs Block Incoming Cell Phone Number . Even if the conditions for "sparse" are not mature enough, if the school can patiently ask students to sit down and exchange opinions on an equal basis before making a decision or after a policy is tried, it is actually a way of changing from "blocking" to "sparse". .