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Cell Phone Jammer Radius In Feet

Perfectjammer 2021-10-21

Cell Phone Jammer Radius In Feet

The 2016 Spring Senior High School Examination opened yesterday, and more than 95,000 high school students entered 102 test centers to take the test. To prevent cheating, for the first time in 2016, all 9 test rooms were equipped with Cell Phone Jammer Radius In Feet , radio detectors and metal detectors. The test lasted for three days, and more than 95,000 high school students in the city took the test. The number is slightly lower than the same period last year. Among them, there are more than 94,000 students in 299 general high schools in the second and third years, more than 1,100 students in vocational and technical schools, and more than 20 non-school candidates. Candidates from 21 self-examination schools and 32 alternative subject examination schools also take the same exam. In the spring high school exam, the second year of senior high school will take 4 subjects of history, geography, physics and chemistry, and the third year of senior high school will take all 9 subjects including Chinese, English, mathematics, ideology and politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry, and biology. In the second half of this month, candidates can check their results online. cell phone jammer

Yesterday at the scene, before candidates enter the classroom, the invigilator will check according to the candidate seat table issued by the school, including the student's candidate number and student's photo, to prevent the phenomenon of taking the exam. Among them, the invigilator in the examination room is also equipped with Cell Phone Jammer Radius In Feet , if a student enters the examination room with a mobile phone, the detector will "didi" alarm. In addition, the examination room implements video surveillance, and a round gray metal disc is hung on the wall of the examination room classroom, which can detect whether the examination room signal is abnormal. Once an obvious abnormal signal is found, the relevant technicians in the examination room will analyze the data to detect whether there is cheating on radio equipment such as walkie-talkies. In addition, there is also a mobile phone jammer under the podium, which can shield the 3G and 4G signals of the entire classroom.

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