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Caveman Block Unblock Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-10-19

Caveman Block Unblock Cell Phone

Before the exam, our school has passed various forms of integrity exams for the education of candidates. We do not purchase, use or sell various'high-tech exam cheating equipment' and'test questions and answers' sold online. According to relevant staff of Southwest Jiaotong University According to the introduction, the school cleans up bad advertisements once a day before the exam, and designates a person to monitor harmful information on the Internet every day. In the test center of Chengdu University of Technology, the reporter inquired in advance that the school will use radio monitoring vehicles to monitor and suppress harmful radio signals involved in the test for the first time in accordance with relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education, and install Caveman Block Unblock Cell Phone on all floors of all test centers. "We will use metal detectors to detect every candidate who enters the venue, and block wireless communication tools such as mobile phones and headsets that are carried illegally outside the exam room." cell phone jammer

This paragraph Caveman Block Unblock Cell Phone uses the mixing noise interference method for the first time in the industry. It will not produce electromagnetic radiation during work and will not affect health; and it has a wide range of applications. It is used for mainstream recording equipment (mobile phones, voice recorders, wireless recording devices ) Can achieve the shielding effect; the appearance can be customized according to the user's needs, such as disguised as a phone, alarm clock, etc. in life; or speakers, pen holders, desks, etc. in the office environment, which are perfectly integrated with the use environment, thereby Realize true stealth; in addition, the application scenarios of this mobile phone jammer are also more diversified, suitable for meeting rooms, offices, portable, car-mounted and other occasions, protecting your voice security anytime, anywhere!

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