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Block Numbers From Cell Phone Verizon

Cohen Beth 2021-11-01

Swipe your face to enter the venue, automatically Block Numbers From Cell Phone Verizon Shield mobile phone signals, and the radio cheating monitoring system can track the traces of cheating. An examination room for such subjects was officially put into use at the Tianqiao Vehicle Administration recently. It is understood that this examination room is the first examination room of the most intelligent driving test subject in Jinan. On the morning of November 15th, the reporter visited the Jinan Tianqiao Vehicle Management Branch on the spot. At present, the first examination room of this smart subject is only used for motorcycle driving license tests. In the waiting hall, many candidates are queuing to enter the hall. The face recognition gate at the entrance of the exam hall can automatically verify the appointment date and time of the exam. The face recognition automatically compares the ID card and the candidate information. After success, the gate will automatically open, and the examinee will enter the examination room. cell phone jammer

In addition to the 4 cameras at the entrance, 5 cameras are also set up in the examination room to record every move of every examinee in the examination room in real time. There are 20 test desks in the test room, but they are different from other driving test computers in Jinan. This kind of computer does not have an external host, a mouse and a keyboard, and there is no need to manually enter personal names and ID numbers. Whenever a candidate sits down, the screen will display normally, and the screen will be black if no one is seated. The upper right corner of the exam desk is the ID card reading area. After the examinee puts the ID card in the card reading area, the system will automatically recognize the ID card information. Li Baiqiang, director of the Tianqiao Vehicle Management Branch, said: “The 20 test desks are all touch screens, with anti-peep films attached, and the screens are black when viewed from the side." , Reduce the point of failure, and the test table tilts 13 degrees, in line with the principle of ergonomics, convenient for candidates to operate. In order to prevent candidates from cheating, Block Numbers From Cell Phone Verizon is also set in the examination room to block mobile phone signals, blue night and wireless Internet signals, and a radio cheating monitoring system is set up, which can automatically identify, scan and track cheating traces, reduce the occurrence of cheating on the spot, and ensure the exam fair and just.