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Rogers Call Blocking Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/11/06

Regarding the behavior of the merchant selling Rogers Call Blocking Cell Phone , the lawyer of the law firm Mr. Zhang believes that whether it is illegal to consider whether the mobile phone jammer really has a legal purpose, the carrier frequency commonly used in my country's radio remote control is 315mHz or 432mHz, and this type of launching board is widely used For all kinds of civilian remote controls, the purchase and sale of such parts does not violate the relevant laws and regulations of my country's radio management. Attorney Zhang said that based on the current actual situation, this type of mobile phone jammer has no other practical uses except for illegal, criminal, theft and other activities. Therefore, the production of this product itself may be illegal and sold. Naturally it is also illegal. cell phone jammer

The public security department, the industry and commerce department and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology should be jointly enforced and supervised to prevent the production and sales of this Rogers Call Blocking Cell Phone . The New Year is approaching, when property thefts happen frequently. Judge Bai Chongwei of the Dongcheng Court reminded that he hoped that car owners should be more vigilant and must pull the car door to verify after getting off the car and locking the door. The mobile phone jammer takes advantage of the convenience of the owner's picture, thinking that it will be locked after pressing the remote control lock. If you don't pull the car door to confirm, it is difficult to find. Second, the car mainly develops the habit of not storing valuables in cash in the car to reduce the risk of smashing the car glass.