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Is It Legal To Buy A Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-10-17

Is It Legal To Buy A Cell Phone Jammer

A few days ago, a Weibo posted in Sanshui, “Sanshui Middle School’s dormitory has made Is It Legal To Buy A Cell Phone Jammer. It’s rumored to be debugging. Anyway, I can’t receive it in the dormitory. I can’t imagine that if something happens in the dormitory, I will use a very limited and broken card. What are the consequences of using a fixed-line telephone to save lives?” This Weibo received 146 reposts in just two days. The reporter noticed that most of the reposts of the Weibo were students from Sanshui Middle School. Some people also conducted a comprehensive analysis of mobile phone signal jammers. Zbsay said, "The fifth-generation mobile phone jammers have five antennas: 3G, GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, with a radius of 25m and a temperature condition of -10 to 55 degrees Celsius. The product itself heats up to 50 degrees Celsius. When installed in this location, it is very likely to fail in summer. We can also get a 600MHz anti-jammer in the classroom and turn the frequency back in the dormitory." cell phone jammer

Is this true? The reporter contacted the student Wen who posted on Weibo. Wen is a first-year high school student in Sanshui Middle School. According to him, he found that his mobile phone had no signal in the school dormitory a few days ago. Later, many students found out in the dormitory buildings A and B of Sanshui Middle School. A Is It Legal To Buy A Cell Phone Jammer is installed at the stairway on the second floor in the west, and the mobile phone jammer is nailed to the beam on the second floor of the dormitory. "As far as we know, the dormitories on the west side of the 2, 3, and 4 floors of A and B have no signal. They may be debugging or are far away. The block is large. There is still a signal on the east. The female dormitory has not been installed. Experimenting in the west.” Wen was very puzzled by the school’s move. “How the school does this let us communicate, how to contact the outside world when an accident occurs, and the shielding method is obviously going to end the last.” And in the students. There is also a widespread issue of radiation from mobile phone signal jammers. "How much electromagnetic radiation does a jammer that can shield such a large range of signals have to emit to interfere with the signal? My dormitory is right next to that stuff, and I don’t know how much I eat when I sleep. Radiation.” In addition, Lingwen was puzzled, “Because there is no plug at the stairs of Block B, the school unplugged the emergency light and plugged the cell phone signal jammer in order for the mobile phone jammer to work.”

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