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Blocking Someone On Your Cell Phone

Bitterlich Mark 2022-03-05

The cell phone you use uses radio waves to communicate. However, you never applied for a wireless license. Do you need a license because your phone's radio waves are very weak? You might think so, but the answer is wrong. Cell phones use radio waves of permissible strength, not weak ones. Therefore, a radio station license is also required. The penetration rate of mobile phones has risen to more than 75%, and the accompanying problems of user etiquette have also surfaced, causing various troubles. Blocking Someone On Your Cell Phone has become a social problem, such as failure of electronic and medical equipment, and sound damage in trains and theaters. Due to European restrictions on the export of encryption algorithms, domestic GSM and CDMA networks do not encrypt data. It turned out that there was a loophole in the security regulations of GSM and CDMA, called "one-way authentication".

In short, the phone is absolutely reliable on its network, giving fake users a chance to eavesdrop. Since most mobile phone technology and internal chips are imported, it is difficult to guarantee that these phones are free of technical backdoors. The United States has established a global network of electronic eavesdropping systems. People are mostly called and "filtered" through it. Increase the manufacturing cost of electronic products. We are a well-known manufacturer. For many years, it has been sold directly abroad. occupy an important position in the market. Prices are always very favorable for people. Among the many electronic products, Blocking Someone On Your Cell Phone is the fastest growing. It enters people's lives like daily necessities. It has become a necessity in people's lives. And the most popular products. We have the best technical research and development team. We can guarantee the highest quality cell phone jammer .