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H1Given the nature of GPS, the use of blockers in the military is unlimited

Perfectjammer 2023-02-09

  Given the nature and vulnerability of GPS, its use in military expeditions is unlimited.GPS interceptors are cheap and easy to find on the Internet.It is not surprising that criminals use them to hide their identity and location during theft.Even criminal gangs are using them because they work within a range of tens of kilometers.Therefore, if drug gangs or cartels are receiving goods and do not want competitors to find them, they may use them to disrupt navigation.

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  Hiding the vehicle position is crucial to the success of the mission.The jammer acts as a "cloak" to provide the military with privacy, higher security and overall advantages in high-risk situations.During the Second Gulf War, Iraq purchased some GPS jammers from a Russian company selling GPS jammers at the military defense exhibition.GPS is a very weak signal, which can be jammed with a medium power jammer within a radius of several miles.We have the responsibility to use these devices more seriously without inconvenience to other road users.

  It is even used by criminal gangs to help them steal expensive cars and trucks carrying valuable goods.This means that in the case of GPS jammer, the tracker installed in the armored vehicle or armored truck equipped with anti-theft GPS equipment will not be able to report its position when it is stolen or hijacked.The main problem with GPS tracking devices is that most people think they have violated their privacy.

  Business drivers have no intention of sacrificing their privacy for the boss's need to control things.The vehicle tracking system enables the team manager to monitor the performance of employees more effectively, ensure that they drive safely within the legal scope, help them carry out effective route planning, and ensure that their working hours are safe.However, there is only a thin line between violating the privacy of employees and the need to ensure that everything is in order.

  Some truck drivers use GPS jamming equipment to cover their tracks, while other employees use vehicles owned by their companies to handle personal errands.They can be your allies if you consider them a little and use them in the right place at the right time, especially if you use them to evade corporate espionage activities, track or prevent any unauthorized person from tracking your location.These small tools will interfere with key communication systems related to public safety.

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