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Mobile phone jammers with external antennas are usually cheaper

Perfectjammer 2022/10/11

  A conference room with a relatively small area is a conference room that can choose an external antenna. This kind of mobile phone jammer with an external antenna is often cheaper and relatively economical. Let’s put aside the quality and craftsmanship for the time being. Some conference room 88 antennas with external antennas even have different lengths, which will definitely affect the overall aesthetics of the conference room environment, and some conference room cell phone signal shielding devices have exposed cooling fans. Outside, with the rotation of the cooling fan, some noise will also be generated, which will seriously affect the order of the meeting room in the conference room. If the meeting time is within an hour, the cooling fan can be disconnected, so that the conference room mobile phone signal jammer There will be no noise when it is turned on. If the meeting time exceeds one hour, it is recommended to use a low-noise conference room mobile phone signal shielding device.

24 Bands 5G Jammer

  The application standard of is very wide, and it often appears in schools, and is used in daily classroom teaching or in large and medium-sized examinations. In fact, it is because many teachers are tired of trying to stop students from sending messages, playing games and online in class. Because verbal obstruction will have other effects, some students will still use their mobile phones quietly, ignoring the courses the teachers say. content. During the exam, in order to get a high score, I will try my best to answer it. It may have been a small note before, but now a mobile phone can check it at will, and the same type or the same question will be displayed on the interface. happen, and get an accurate answer, which is a very unfortunate situation for the students. Therefore, the use of 88 in school may be very necessary, at least to enable students to study well and use their own abilities to consider, even if the test results are not satisfactory, they are still their true self.

  Now, mobile phones can be used anywhere and can be used by everyone. It has become one of the essential accessories in our daily life. When you're attending a seminar or watching a movie, ringtones from someone else's phone can distract from your excitement. To stop cell phones from ringing, the use of cell phone GPS jammers has been introduced. Places where is mandatory are places of worship such as churches and temples. Of course, they're also installed in big companies where time is considered money, so employees don't talk on their phones while they're at work. Today, these hammers are also installed in major movie theaters, theaters, and even concert halls. In this case, a high-power cell phone jammer can be an option to ensure peace. Due to the high output power of this rack-mounted high-power shielding machine is designed, there is no doubt that this mobile phone signal jammer has a strong ability to block CDMA GSM DCS PCS and 3G mobile phone band signals, where the shielding distance depends on the given area. Signal strength up to 500 meters. An important advantage of this rack mounted high power cell phone jammer is that each frequency band can adjust the RF power output level or turn off without affecting the operation of other frequency bands. In addition to the original antenna being an external dual-channel directional panel antenna, you can also choose an antenna that provides more flexibility in shielding coverage.

  In the age of the Internet, the speed of information dissemination will be very fast, and sometimes it is necessary to block or prevent the dissemination of information so as not to cause great losses and panic, and we are focusing on , today we will discuss what are currently The occasion needs to use the mobile phone signal jammer. Generally speaking, mobile phones are used in life all the time, such as subways, buses, almost everyone has a mobile phone, and they are all bow-headed people. However, in some occasions, it is very inappropriate to use a mobile phone. At this time, in addition to turning off the mobile phone or flying, some compulsory means are needed to interfere with the mobile phone signal to shield the mobile phone signal.