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Drones used by OSCE to monitor frontlines as Ukraine conflict is intercepted


  Military equipment interference and phishing equipment may threaten the future battlefield; The manufacturer has noticed and responded to the threat.UAV will usually float in place, land or return.If UAV jammer is used, UAV will lose contact with satellite navigation.If the precision guided bomb loses its lock within one minute after reaching the target, the result may be disastrous.The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which has always been concerned about the conflict in Ukraine, also reported that their UAVs used to monitor the front line were intercepted many times.North Korea has developed GPS signal jamming function to deal with GPS guided weapons that may be used by South Korean and American troops.

Drones used by OSCE to monitor frontlines as Ukraine conflict is intercepted

  These devices are sold under different names, such as signal interceptors and military jammers.In recent years, many websites that provide "shielding programs" or similar devices have been designed to block communication, and have increased in vehicles, schools, theaters, restaurants and other places.Through identity theft, the attacker will provide new information to the UAV to control its flight.Manufacturers of precision guided munitions no longer believe that simple GPS guidance systems can always work independently.

  For example, the GPS military jammer works by sending strong local signals with the same frequency as GPS, thus effectively overwhelming the weak GPS signals sent by satellites.Commanders may be more reluctant to use GPS guided bombs or rockets, especially in the vicinity of friendly forces, if they fear that they will fall on the wrong target due to jamming or other forms of electronic warfare.An ordinary military interceptor will generate impenetrable bubbles within a range of tens of meters.The UAV does not appear to have been hit by projectiles or lasers during descent (although the evidence for doing so would change this analysis).This, in turn, could significantly limit the fire support options available to the US military or its allies.In addition, these devices can block any location functions of mobile phones or other mobile tracking devices.

  In a statement by NBC News, officials of the Ministry of Defense did not confirm whether they had lost any UAVs due to traffic congestion, but an official said that the blockade had had an operational impact on military operations in Syria.The military and its industrial partners have deployed and are developing various methods to ensure that bombs can hit the target, regardless of whether they mean redundant targeting systems, such as detectors for UAV jammers, laser guidance systems, or camera assisted navigation In short, military GPS jammers can make noise, overwhelm your nearby GPS receiver, and lose the actual GPS signal.

  In addition to physical projectiles, there are three known methods of non dynamic defense against UAVs: radio frequency jamming, satellite jamming and identity fraud.Russia has several powerful military forces near the border, including the 200th Independent Rifle Brigade stationed in Pechenga.A one kilowatt high-end UAV jammer can prevent GPS reception from reaching a distance of 80 kilometers.Due to the interference of the UAV jammer, the contact between the UAV and the operator will be cut off, which usually causes the UAV to descend or return.

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