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H1Interference will become more common as the 5G system enters the frequency used by GPS

Perfectjammer 2023-02-08

  From ship navigation to financial transactions, we increasingly rely on GPS (or other GNSS systems, such as Galileo, GLONASS or BDS BeiDou).Therefore, interference and electronic deception may cause serious damage and pose a threat to public security.GPS jamming is a relatively simple technology, which only involves generating strong enough RF signals to submerge the transmission from GPS satellites.The target of the GPS jamming attack will immediately realize that there is a problem, because the system will not be able to produce geographical positioning results.

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  In London, a common use of jammers is for taxi and heavy truck drivers to evade the maximum driving time regulations or try to prevent employers from following them.As the 5G system enters the frequency used by GPS, interference may become more and more common.Portable jammers are always useful when you suspect that government officials are tracking you illegally.When we begin to doubt the loyalty of our spouses, we will resort to technology to monitor them.This is the basic human nature.It is legal to track employees in only a few cases.

  For many years, the only expedient way for employers to track the position of employees is to install GPS trackers on the company cars used by employees for personal and business travel.We should always pay attention to our privacy, how our data is processed and who has access to it.This is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly.When the person collecting your data is your insurance company, you should be more worried.The main problem with this is whether you will really get a discount from the GPS tracker or application installed in the vehicle.

  In case of an accident, please make sure that your insurance company will collect the collected data to allocate your mistakes and increase your premium.Among the large amount of data collected by these trackers are your acceleration speed, your driving speed, your braking speed, how many miles you drove, where you drove, your location history, and so on.If it falls into the wrong hands, such data may have a great impact.Therefore, buying GPS jammers is not the end of the world.

  If we want to know the real-time coordinates of the tracker, we need a SIM card connected to the internal network operator of the tracker.The tracker will use the cellular network to send the location to the mobile phone or the location data to the server via SMS, so that you can use the application.

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