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Can the jammer block the camera?

Perfectjammer 2023/01/09

Earlier this month, the woman said her car had been stolen in the driveway. When she went to check her camera video, she realized that time was gone.A Detroit woman said that her camera did not capture the moment when her car was stolen from her front door. A local expert said that this was because the fraudster became more proficient in technology.

Can the jammer block the camera

Signal interference will flood the WiFi system. If you stand close enough, the WiFi camera will be forced to stop recording. On the other hand, the price of the jammer ranges from $150 to $1000. The jammer is more difficult to find, but the powerful jammer can prevent the whole street from recording on the WiFI security camera through the button switch.

Jammers can disrupt signals from cellular and Wi Fi based home security systems. Your camera and sensor will not be damaged, but the sensor's ability to transmit signals will be limited. This may not be the answer you want to hear - but family safety is unlikely to be affected.

The cellular or Wi Fi frequency in the home safety system varies by provider and model. Some belong to different operators, while others use newer technologies - and technologies are constantly changing. The thief needs to match the security system frequency accurately to block the signal.

Furthermore, the jammer has a limited range according to its mass. Expensive jammers have a longer range than cheaper ones - if thieves are too lazy to buy them, they are more likely to buy cheaper jammers. If the customer places their security system hub in the recommended location - away from doors and windows - it will be difficult for thieves to know if they are within the scope of the signal jammers.

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