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It is easy to think of teaching as the need to ban the use of mobile phones


Use the exam room to do it.

  Now the criminals are getting more and more arrogant, not only misleading people but also making a lot of high-tech cheating measures. While disrupting the order of the examination room, it also misleads students. Therefore, this kind of behavior is very disgusting, whether it is the school or the parents of the students. So, with the advancement of technology, how to avoid cheating? You can use a mobile phone signal jammer in the exam room. Many people have heard of this, but are not familiar with it. Exam Room 88 is not a huge big guy, on the contrary, it is very small and exquisite. It doesn't take up much space to install it. Moreover, it is more convenient to install. This is a very time-saving and labor-saving practice. A classroom of 100-200 square meters only needs to install one such mobile phone signal jammer to achieve good results. When installing the mobile phone signal jammer, be careful not to install it directly in the direction of the base station. At the same time, if there is a column in the classroom, do not install the signal jammer on the column.

Portable Jammer

  Recently, in a prison in Shanxi, three inmates who had committed serious crimes took advantage of the guards' inattentiveness and were about to jump over the wall to escape. However, they did not know that there was a strong current on the cables and various buildings in the prison, so that the three prisoners failed to escape. It can be seen that the prison defense system is really important. In addition to the strong current in the building, the prison also plans to have a voice network and a cable TV network. According to the requirements of various applications, the part of the network transmission has a unified design to build a comprehensive digital and business network. If the computer system in the prison is not designed with a disaster-tolerant backup system, then the ability of the prison 88 system to resist risks will be a problem. Once some problems occur, such as the host has a problem or the system is attacked, it is necessary to have complete backup data. Implement an available disaster recovery system for each system. The surrounding alarm system and the alarm system of the power grid, as well as the electronic patrol system and the access control management system are all extremely important components of the prison defense system.

  The use of cell phones needs to be banned, and the one we may easily think of is teaching, because once we are students, we prohibit the use of cell phones to provide warning experiences. With the development of society, more and more schools have installed . In class, students play with their phones and read novels so badly that a cell phone jammer will block the phone's working signal. Also, we have gone through important exams and will find that it will also be open for major exams to prevent students from using electronics such as cell phones. Children use cell phones as a tool to cheat on exams. To avoid cheating in exams, school exams require the use of cell phone GPS jammers. In churches in western countries, they are in a sacred place and any uncivilized behavior should be prohibited, and the ringing of the bell will disrupt the behavior of others for a week, which is not civilization. Therefore, many churches maintain a quiet atmosphere to keep the Holy Spirit alive and install cell phone GPS jammers to block the signal if necessary. You can imagine rude and ignorant answering the phone loudly. As a result, jamming cell phone frequencies can be a good solution to the problem of silence in church.

  Business services are always a risk, and it's all up to you about how you make your choices, or whether you go up or down. Completion of business processes is not just about management decisions, but also about making money-making transactions. In a situation like this, trade secrets are one of the crux. After all, if a competitor has a pending deal that is likely to hurt them, they will do everything in their power to avoid it. Protect your confidential information from unnecessary inside ears and only stop your phone from surfing the Internet. All businesses can buy such equipment because it can save a lot. An easy way to protect yourself with is to buy a normal cell phone shield at a popular store. The device can operate wireless data signals within a large enough distance, and is often used in public places, conference halls, and corporate offices of leading cadres. For the most part, the fact that the device is powered by a portable cell phone jammer means they can't even guess that this will make defenses more reasonable and help deter saboteurs whose goal is the company's confidential information.

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