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H1A small and high power RF transmitter will interfere with communication equipment

Perfectjammer 2023-02-06

  The widespread adoption of automated fleet management and global positioning system (GPS) tracking solutions helps companies simplify operations, improve driver safety and improve compliance with compliance regulations.This is why fleet owners should pay special attention to any modifications made by drivers to their vehicles.GPS jammer will prevent accurate vehicle tracking, including driving distance, road time, overspeed and bad driving conditions.

radio frequency transmitter interfere

  However, the equipment called GPS jammer and mobile phone jammer will interfere with the function of GPS tracking equipment, which is crucial to the real-time fleet vehicle tracking system and will cause problems for the fleet owners who are trying to maintain the fleet tracking and control.This is also known as "cheating".Commercial fleet owners and operators have seen the industry shift to technology integration across each system.

  GPS signal jammer is a small, high-powered radio frequency (RF) transmitter that will interfere with legitimate communication devices - mobile phones, GPS, Wi-Fi networks and toll readers.The signal jammer generates "noise" by submerging these satellite signals with higher power but shorter distance radio signals, thus inducing the GPS tracking system to think that GPS signals are not available.Since GPS shielding devices come from many manufacturers, their shape, size and size vary greatly, so it is difficult to find them in the driver's car.

  The most common is that the GPS interceptor works in a short distance, and its size is small enough to plug in power supplies such as cigarette lighter or iPhone, and prevent signal transmission to the GPS tracker installed in the cockpit of the vehicle.The GPS receiver depends on the low power microwave signal broadcast by GPS satellite.If the vehicle is stolen, the GPS jammers will make it more difficult for the law enforcement department to locate the vehicle, thus affecting the company's scheduling lineup.If the lost vehicle cannot be found, it may also affect the company's bottom line.


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