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Some families are also using gps signal jammers

Perfectjammer 2022/10/11

  Now has been used by many enterprises and units, and it is no longer a niche product. It can be used in many scenarios, such as: various schools, examination rooms, prisons, public security organs, various key conference centers, and some families are also using it Cell phone signal jammer. Many people worry about whether the 88 they purchased can block the mobile phone number and whether the mobile phone signal jammer will cause radiation and harm the human body when installing signal jammer. The original intention of installing a signal jammer in the home is to prevent children from playing mobile phones and causing harm to their studies and bodies. However, when using a jammer, they are worried that radiation will cause harm to the child's body. Will the cell phone signal jammer really hurt the family?

Lojack Jammer

  There are different types of on the market today. Some devices can only block a single frequency, while others can block all kinds of Internet at the same time. The latter entity model can be automatically converted from a different Internet to find openness signals. High-end equipment can block all frequencies at the same time, and other equipment can automatically adjust to special frequencies. Simply put, they send out arbitrary static induction or noise over a common frequency range, strong enough that a nearby 88 device can't connect to the connection it should. Some like being next to a supercar module, opening the bonnet while trying to communicate with someone on the phone. Local noise is getting too loud for devices to make basic connections. By quickly covering a range of frequencies, it is reasonable to prevent the equipment from all functioning properly.

  To complete the interference of the mobile phone signal jammer to the mobile data network, it is necessary to ensure that the signal magnetic field strength from the mobile phone jammer is much higher than the magnetic field strength of the mobile signal BCH in the interference area. The closer the interference address is to the communication base station, the stronger the BCH magnetic field strength is The stronger it is, the smaller the reasonable interference area will be. On the contrary, the farther and farther the interference address is from the communication base station, the weaker the BCH magnetic field strength will be, and the larger the reasonable interference area will be. It is not difficult to see that within a certain signal strength, the interference range lies in the BCH magnetic field strength in the interference area. No matter how much power is, as long as the signal strength is a time constant, as the distance increases, the compressive strength of the interference signal will gradually be lost. In addition, the ability to interfere with work is lacking. In other words, mobile phone GPS jammers always have a reasonable interference range.

  The people's court is an area that safeguards the interests of the common people and ensures that the whole process of the trial will be carried out smoothly without any external harm. As the people's court is a solemn area, it should not be disturbed by phone calls. So should be used in court to ensure authority. Imagine if you had to go to an art center for a concert and you liked to keep ringing the bell next to you or calling out a personal act, it would make you very angry, I think so. That's why the Art Center is equipped with a jammer on the phone. On the one hand, you can prevent the ringtones from affecting the performers of the song, and on the other hand, you can ensure that the audience has a stronger feeling. If you're having a great concert or a good movie and there's a Ringtone Theater nearby, everyone will be pissed. If you think it should not be generated in such an area, you can use a 5g signal jammer.

A12 30W Super GPS WiFi Lojack 3G 4G 5.8G Jammer

Super Signal Jammer

A super 12-band multifunctional jammer. 30W, the interference distance can reach 75 meters. The interference distance can be adjusted as required. Interference performance is very stable. Although the appearance is not so small and beautiful, its interference effect is very good and basically meets your daily needs.


5 Bands Cellphone Jammer

Gold Type 5 Bands Portabale GPS WiFi 4G Jammer

Since I use this cell phone jammer and learned its' little nuances it has blocked all numbers required. I had a political party from the DC area that called me constantly even though we had asked them not to. Any time I would block one number from them they would use another. It appears they had an unlimited resource of numbers from a particular area code. Since I had no relatives from there I blocked that area code and it has been quite peaceful. Oh, they still try to call as I can look at a missed call list on my phone system. I smile every time I see they've tried to reach me and it has been blissfully quiet...

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