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People will not reject "gps blockers"


  According to the budget of the new project to effectively plan the model selection for machinery and equipment, the selection of shielding machinery and equipment should pay attention to the size of its shielding radius (ie output power size), characteristic reliability, length of service life, etc. Whether the environmental decision can take into account the use of semi-adjustable (that is, output power adjustable) 88 at the same time in model selection, or the combination of directional antennas to manipulate the transmission area (azimuth) of the subject that shields the data signal. As another kind of "signal jammer" for people, it masks mobile phone data signals and ensures data security, and at the same time, it will undoubtedly have certain adverse effects. However, when looking at difficult problems, you should see basic contradictions. Just as people don't use fruit knives because they cut shredded potatoes with a fruit knife, they won't use fruit knives, so people will not reject "mobile phone signal blockers" because "mobile phone information content blockers" may cause poor radiation sources to the body. ". After all, the "mobile phone blocker" ensures the security of network information and contributes to social stability as its specific contribution. The most important thing is that it provides a reliable guarantee for places with high security performance such as prison cells, detention centers, and major conferences.

  For example, when many people are in elementary school, their minds are still immature. In order to get good grades, they secretly look at the exam papers at the same table, or secretly flip through books, so as to get good grades. But as we grow older, when we go to middle school and university, we will deliberately resist this kind of behavior and control our luck. Most people still hope to achieve real results through their own efforts, and use this to check for leaks. Make up for the vacancy and make up for it in the following study and life. To a certain extent, fluke psychology can make us have an easy life. Take the exam as an example, the knowledge points that have been memorized so hard may not be tested. In the exam, as long as you find this knowledge point and copy it, you can easily To achieve good grades, once you rely on this kind of psychology will lead to disaster. Once you get used to this kind of life of "passing by", everything in life can be "passing by". So how does ​block the signal? The current 88 is full frequency band, it can block all 2G 3G 4G signals, 2.4G WIFI signals and bluetooth signals under the three operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom. Its principle is to interfere with the frequency it sends out. Cell phones receive frequencies from base stations and wireless routers, thereby shielding them.

Bluetooth Jammer

  In addition to purchasing in offline malls, when many people are considering where is the right time to buy, online e-commerce platforms have also become a very good choice. The convenience it provides us is unmatched by offline stores. of. We can choose new products provided by excellent companies from among them, and we are guaranteed to meet our needs when using them. And now many e-commerce websites are becoming more and more formal, and the detection of products in them is also in place. Therefore, if you have no special requirements for the quality of the product, it is also very good to buy from the e-commerce platform. In addition to these ways, in fact, when choosing where to buy signal GPS jammers, professional stores are also very good. The big advantage of buying from here is that we can get very good after-sales service. After all, the shielding instrument is a relatively high-end and sophisticated instrument. If there is a problem during use, excellent after-sales service can help us avoid a lot of trouble. Therefore, buying from a professional store is suitable for customers with high demand for use. .

  Many schools have installed , and the purpose of installing shielding devices is to give students a good learning environment in the classroom. In the past, students played mobile phones, games, sent messages, and read novels in the classroom. There is no effective way to stop it. After the mobile phone signal shielding device was installed in the back, I rarely saw this happening, which helped the teacher solve a big problem. Every company encounters the behavior of employees playing mobile phones at work in their daily work, which greatly reduces work efficiency and also causes information security problems, especially in government agencies. It is easy to be stolen by illegal elements, which is a very dangerous thing for agencies and units. Later, many companies found a product called a mobile phone signal shielding device on the market, which can effectively block electronic signals such as network and wifi, so to prevent such incidents from happening, government agencies will be equipped with mobile phone signal shielding devices, or mobile phone signal shielding devices. cabinets to avoid leaks.

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