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H1Car cigarette lighter is small device that cleverly interferes with GPS signals

Perfectjammer 2023-02-07

  By eavesdropping on our mobile phones and their locations, the government can understand our behavior, including our social network clues, sexual relations, political activities, religious beliefs and physical activities in the past few hours, days, months and even years.In addition, there are also moral and legal problems here, because obtaining such data can reveal many private details of our private life, which is more than we initially thought.A recent example is the coronavirus and the privacy issues surrounding the tracking of infected persons and their whereabouts, so as to remind others to avoid contact with the former group.

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  In our hearts, we know this, but there is no way to prove it.The government keeps tracking us.This is when GPS jammers come in handy.Illegal tracking and tracking is a major problem.The realization of GPS interference is the same as that of mobile phone interference: by transmitting similar signals at the same frequency but with higher output power, the signals transmitted by satellites (for GPS) and mobile phone towers/stations (for mobile phones) are interfered in a way that the receiver cannot receive.

  Once inserted, it will start broadcasting some kind of noise at the same frequency as the GPS device, which will cause interference and prevent the GPS receiver from determining its exact position.GPS jammers is usually (not always) a micro-device that can be plugged into the 12V power socket of the car, and is usually called "car cigarette lighter".When you turn on the positioning service on your smartphone or the satellite navigation system in your car, these devices will receive signals from four or more satellites to determine the location.

  These satellites constantly send out signals.GPS works thanks to radio signals from satellites.Due to the limited power supply on the satellite, the power of the satellite broadcast signal cannot be further improved.According to the output power of GPS jamming equipment, GPS reception can be jammed from 10 meters to several kilometers.It uses a small device to prevent GPS receivers from receiving radio signals from more than 30 satellites orbiting the earth.GPS jamming is a way of deliberately jamming GPS signals.

  The receiver can be a GPS tracker, a smart phone supporting GPS, a satellite navigation system, etc.GPS jammer or GPS interceptor is a kind of equipment that interrupts any communication between the GPS satellite in space orbit and the receiver placed on the earth.If you want to stay away from the radar and stay there, the GPS jammer is your best choice.

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