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Does Lead Block Cell Phone Signal Is A Problem In Prison

Perfectjammer 2022/01/19

In recent years, prisons, detention centers and other supervision places all over the country have invested funds to purchase prisons Does Lead Block Cell Phone Signal, hoping to use prison cell phone signal jammers to scientifically and effectively control and prevent cell phone signals in prisons, so as to prevent the security caused by illegal use of cell phones. hidden danger. Ensure the smooth development of supervision work. However, due to various reasons, Prison Cell Phone Jammer is not very effective in some prisons and has become a problem for prisons. The effect of the prison interference area is not strict, and there are a large number of blind spots and dead corners. In some areas of the prison area, there is a large area near the window, especially the side where the base station is located. The use of mobile phones does not achieve the purpose of completely preventing the use of mobile phones.

Prison Does Lead Block Cell Phone Signal runs erratically, sometimes good and sometimes bad. In particular, the machines with low price and low quality have been purchased, with low reliability and frequent failures. It is recommended that if you have a purchase demand, you can go to the website to go to the official prison cell phone signal jammer manufacturer to learn more about the information, or fully communicate with our after-sales technicians to conduct a thorough analysis of the local signal distribution and building structure. Our prison cell phone signal jammer has strong technical capabilities, advanced product technology, stable quality, and has a large number of successful cases to meet your needs.