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wifi jammers can also prevent cheating

Perfectjammer 2021-02-22

According to reports, in the face of increasingly "advanced" cheating methods for wireless communication equipment, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, in accordance with the principle of combining "civil defense" and "technical defense" and focusing on "civil defense", equips each test center with the latest Technical equipment-wireless headset detector and full-featured cheating wifi jammer.

The wifi jammer used this year can effectively shield all communication signals including 3G signals, cell phone signals, walkie-talkie signals, and radio pinhole camera signals. The wifi jammer also has a positioning function, which can locate the specific location of the person using the cheating device.

In addition, the Municipal Bureau of Justice will notify the Beijing Municipal Radio Administration and the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the registration work in Beijing, the address of the examination headquarters, the person in charge, and the telephone number, as well as the name and address of the test center in the city, and the number of examinees. During the examination period, the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau will send special personnel on duty, and relevant technical personnel and relevant fixed monitoring stations (vehicles) will be on duty. The fixed monitoring stations (vehicles) in the Fifth Ring Road are fully opened to monitor signals suspected of cheating using radio communication equipment or colluding with radio communication equipment outside the examination room, and use wifi jammers to block if necessary. The Municipal Public Security Bureau also sent special personnel on duty to direct and mobilize relevant sub-bureaus or police stations to dispatch police in time. If the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau has confirmed that the situation is true, violates public security management regulations or is suspected of committing a crime, the public security organ shall investigate and deal with it according to law.

For the first time, the test center is equipped with civilian police on duty. In order to do a good job in site safety, the Municipal Judicial Bureau established for the first time a rapid response mechanism for joint defense between the test center and the local police station during the test period. Each test center is equipped with more than two police officers on duty. The Municipal Bureau of Justice has checked the safety conditions of the examination room before the examination, and cordoning will be set up in some open examination centers. During the examination, in accordance with the standards and requirements of the education administration department, a security guard will be on duty at the entrance of the examination center.