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Can phone jammers block 5.8g WiFi?

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

First, we need to know what 5.8g WiFi is. 5G WIFI frequency the lower the frequency, the better through the wall; The higher the frequency, the faster the speed. 5.8g WiFi works at a high frequency of 5000MHZ, which supports fewer terminals. 2.4g WiFi works at 2400MHZ frequency, which is supported by earlier WiFi frequency terminals. Although the WiFi chip of mobile phones supports dual-frequency operation (2.4ghz and 5GHz) before, the protocol adopted is still 802.11n standard, and the latest 802.11ac standard is not adopted, which is not 5G WiFi in the real sense. It can be simply regarded as using 802.11n WiFi on 5.8g frequency band, and the performance is somewhat discounted.

If, want to block 5 G WiFi, need more than 9 antenna of cell phone jammer, and ensure that has independent 5.8 G module to achieve effect, like a normal eight antenna or 6 antenna are short of shielding effect, because the mobile phone signal shielding device are integrated, three net TongBing, function module will be, the more the more need 1 antenna on behalf of a module. Currently, the WiFi jammers on the market are mainly 2.4g, and only a few places have 5.8g signal jammers for sale. Such as Perfectjammer