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After using a cell phone jammer AND a wifi jammer, i get peace

Perfectjammer 2022/07/02


cell phone jammer


Inspired by the cell phone jammer guys thread.

I bought the wifi jammer but created the wifi jammer from a 2.4ghz cordless phone.

Sometimes I'm using the wifi at Starbucks or Panera Bread and it's going really slow because too many people are on it, so I turn the wifi jammer on until everyone leaves in frustration.

I use the cell phone jammer whenever someone is annoying me on their cell phone(mostly when they are holding up a line in the store, or being obnoxious in a quiet restaurant/library/etc.). I occasionally use it to jam text messages too-- the people who are CONSTANTLY texting really get on my nerves.

wifi jammer is helpful to human health.

Moreover, The most important is that the wifi jammer is no harm to human health. The isolating radius is up to 30 meters. Additionally, wifi jammer comes with built-in rechargeable li-ion battery, power adapter, car power adapter and a case with strap which is more convenient to carry. So the wifi jammer can run on AC power or internal battery power and be recharging from AC charger.

Apart from that, wifi jammer is also particularly useful in such conditions when Some business people or the one who may be often disturbed by a messy affection from an annoying lover has the trouble of being recorded a video. The coming of a video blocker can be of great help and enable you to concentrate on your key points and stay away from those noise.

nothing is perfect without shortages. So does wifi jammer.

Above all, we should also pay attention when using a wifi jammer since nothing is perfect without shortages. So does wifi jammer. wifi jammer also represents a safety hazard because the jammer blocks all calls in the isolating radius area, not just the annoying ones.
All in all, With wifi jammer, you will be very easy to keep your meeting room or other places and immediate surround without annoyance.