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Isis Blocks Cell Phones

Wenner Benjamin 2021-12-31

Nowadays, social information is rapidly developed. Isis Blocks Cell Phones As a brand-new high-tech product, it has gradually entered people’s field of vision. The problem of voice information leakage is a difficult problem in the world. People’s normal conversations are recorded silently. After being reprocessed out of context, it becomes a means of coercion by people with ulterior motives. Some important information related to national security is illegally recorded and disseminated, becoming a security hazard! cell phone jammer can prevent illegal recordings and protect the privacy of your conversations on many occasions. Safety! Whether the mobile phone jammer will cause discomfort to the human body is a question worthy of attention. Mobile phone signal jammers are shielded by emitting shielding signals. Many mobile phone jammers on the market will have sharp or piercing noises after they are activated, which may cause discomfort. Such products should be avoided as much as possible.

Many mobile phone jammers on the market have an obvious shortcoming, that is, only when the mobile phone jammer is facing the pickup of the mobile phone, voice recorder and other recording equipment, can it have a shielding effect. Once the pickup and Isis Blocks Cell Phones form an angle and gradually increase, The shielding effect will gradually weaken. When it reaches 180 degrees, most mobile phone jammers have no shielding effect. This is a more detailed and relatively professional problem. It is recommended that you experience different distances when choosing a mobile phone jammer. , A different angle, because the person preparing to record will not be placed next to the mobile phone jammer for you to shield. In meetings and important conversations, mobile phone signal jammers are often used, which can prevent people with ulterior motives from recording the content of the meeting or conversation. Mobile jammers are suitable for: leadership offices, confidential meeting rooms, military war rooms, business negotiation rooms and other places that prevent recording. When the mobile phone jammer is recording, the mobile phone jammer will produce a random noise signal, which can produce suppressive interference to the voice signal, so that the recording device picks up only the noise information, and cannot distinguish the voice information, so as to ensure the voice information Security.