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Block Private Number On Cell Phone

Damrau Monika 2021-11-18

Small cell phone jammers use battery power. Powerful equipment needs to be plugged into a power outlet. A few days ago, it was designed for military institutions. You can use your phone to launch bombs. It uses Block Private Number On Cell Phone to prevent attacks. Use cell phone jammers in sensitive areas to prevent communication. Citizens can have mobile jammers. The use of jammers in the performance hall is legal. The use of such devices is very popular to prevent harassment by mobile phone users. cell phone jammer

The Shenzhen Municipal Radio Management Department stated that it is illegal to use this type of equipment at the time and place approved by the security and confidentiality department, and citizens can report to them if they find such a phenomenon. "We don't allow them to install this Block Private Number On Cell Phone device even in the college entrance examination halls, courts, customs and other places." Do you want a mobile phone signal jammer? You can make mobile phones not available..." Recently, reporters found in the Huaqiangbei electronic market that vendors who wandered through the flow of people selling so-called "high-tech" electronic products such as mobile phone remote bugs and pinhole cameras are now hawking. The latest product is a gadget called "cell phone signal jammer".