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How does the us face GPS jamming attacks

Perfectjammer 2019-07-20

It is well known that the United States recently sent its own aircraft carrier fleet to the waters near Iran in order to impose sanctions on Iran. In this way, the United States imposed a tight blockade on Iran, aiming to completely cut off Iran's oil trade routes. American cause strong against Iran, Iran will first seek a variety of ways their crude oil ship them out, then the domestic large missiles on the coast, in response to sudden attack in the United States, and also in the sea near "buried" a large number of mines, with a larger foe crackdown in response to the United States.

Faced with Iran's determination to die, the United States feels very difficult, such as launching a large-scale war, the United States needs to pay a high price, which is inconsistent with the interests of the United States. So the United States tried to build a joint fleet with its Allies, but no one responded, much to the embarrassment of the United States. Not long ago, the United States launched two "master orders of alliance" in succession, asking all allied countries to send warships to form a joint fleet to patrol, but once again was slapped in the face, no country responded, only Britain and India offered their support.

But of the two countries, only Britain is the most loyal fan of the United States, led by the United States, India does not fully listen to the United States, the United States plan against Iran has failed again. That, combined with Iran's seizure of Iraq, Britain and an unidentified oil tanker in an effort to shore up its position in the Persian gulf, has emboldened America and Britain to use force against Iran.

More interestingly, the United States was taken by surprise a few days ago when its ships entered the Persian gulf and lost their GPS signals, apparently due to an attack by a GPS WiFi jammer. You know, it's a shame that GPS was developed by the us itself and it's so unreliable that it was successfully hacked by others. There is no doubt that it was Iran who did it. Why do you say that?

It is recorded that in 2011, Iran successfully intruded into a highly advanced stealth drone flown by the United States from Afghanistan. At that time, Iran modified the GPS coordinates of the drone so that it flew directly to Iran's airport and successfully captured the drone. Earlier this year, Iran also claimed to have taken control of several American drones and intercepted important reconnaissance intelligence. It can be seen that currently no other country in the world can hack into the us GPS satellite system, but only Iran has succeeded. There are several high mountains near the Persian gulf, which are known to be the best places for Iran to deploy electronic warfare equipment. In any case, Iran's courage to stand up to a military power like the United States is admirable.