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Can jamming beidou navigation system?

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

With the second-hand car and mortgage car business becoming more and more common in economic activities, in order to protect their own vehicle property safety, car buyers and car sellers have begun to realize the importance of GPS signal locator and its opposite GPS signal jammer.

Yeah, you don't want your car to be secretly installed with a location system and monitored by someone else. One is not careful, perhaps the vehicle was driven away, that is not the loss of the wife and soldiers.

In order to avoid such property losses, friends who buy used cars and mortgages can choose to use GPS signal blockers. As shown in the figure above, it is a handheld GPS shield with 8 antennas and lithium batteries (and 2 and 6 antennas), which can be charged by the 12V power interface of the car or 220V ac power at home.

When the mask works, 2G3G4GWiFi and GPS signals are all blocked. Even if someone installs a locator in a hidden location, they won't be able to locate your vehicle while the shield is working.