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Mobile phone jammers were used in chess games

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

In the national chess individual competition site, reporters inadvertently found three gray instruments. Come close to observe, it is examination room professional mobile phone signal shield. Mobile phone signal blockers were installed two days ago to prevent players from cheating, organizers said. Chess games should also guard against "Lao qian", which sounds funny and annoying.

The so-called "man-machine integration" refers to the game field players and people outside the chess software operation, cheating. Chinese chess software, developed on the basis of chess software, has reached a very high level. For those who take chances, chess software becomes an accomplice to cheating. In march this year, the 6th ejie cup chess open was held in nanjing. An amateur chess player from guangxi has become the first cheater in Chinese chess history to be caught cheating.

In that competition, gao hansheng fought all the way and became the favorite to win the championship. Can be in his victory in sight, but the committee was caught cheating trick, the result was forced to quit. There have been similar incidents of cheating in chess before.

"Two days ago, China chess academy made a special request to the organizing committee staff to install cell phone jammer to prevent players from cheating. After all, the game has entered a crucial round. Shi city sports general office director he juntao introduced yesterday.

With the shield, mobile phones have no signal at the games, and "man-machine integration" is difficult. "The competition site is about 600 square meters," he said.

According to a grandmaster, "cheating can easily happen in poorly organized amateur competitions, but there has been no cheating in regular competitions, including this individual event in shijiazhuang. Usually, shields will be placed on site for both individual and team events.