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Att Cell Phone Usage Blocking

Perfectjammer 2021/10/27

Does the school have the right to block our mobile phone signals? Who will compensate for the losses? When they learned of the reason, nearby residents expressed dissatisfaction and protest. Many citizens have strongly questioned the question of whether Att Cell Phone Usage Blocking should be used in the general examination organized by the school. Mr. Wang, who called the hotline, believes that the country has long clearly stipulated that candidates are prohibited from cheating in various forms, including mobile phones. First of all, schools should vigorously carry out education to promote integrity examinations, and cultivate students’ awareness of “honesty is glorious and cheating is shameful”. Moreover, as long as the invigilators of each examination room strictly follow the regulations of the examination room system and effectively strengthen the control and punishment of various cheating behaviors such as mobile phone fraud in the examination room, it is actually sufficient to deal with it. A mid-term exam school uses mobile phone jammers. Will it also be used for final exams? What should we do if the monthly exam is also used? cell phone jammer

Ms. Tian, ​​a citizen of Luohe, said that the school kept the original examination room system, which was not required, and the original invigilation manpower was not used. It would cost extra money to install the so-called advanced equipment. This is not a waste of the country’s financial, material, and manpower resources. What? In her view, this is not so much to prevent mobile phone cheating more thoroughly than it is a lazy management model. Mr. Li, who works in an agency in Luohe City, believes that in a modern democratic and legal society, citizens’ freedom of communication should be guaranteed. What right does a school have to block citizens’ cell phone signals? ! Moreover, this examination of Luohe Fifth High School is not a large-scale and rigorous examination, and there is no need to use Att Cell Phone Usage Blocking at all. The merchant Mr. Yao said that if there was a sudden patient at home at that time, and the school could not contact the hospital because the mobile jammer was turned on by the school, what should be done if the patient had an accident? If communication is interrupted and other people’s business or affairs are affected, who will bear the consequences? Have they considered the consequences of turning on the mobile phone signal jammer? Schools should not only consider and deal with problems from their own standpoint.