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When will 5G signal jammers come on the market

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

It depends on the speed at which 5G mobile signals become ubiquitous. Although small-scale 5G trials have been launched in several regions, and the first 5G phone card was given to SOHO chairman pan shiyi by China telecom the other day, with the last number 0001, because of the partnership between the two companies, it is far from widespread commercial use.

On the other hand, now that the United States and other countries are cracking down on huawei's 5G products and equipment internationally, many countries have not finally decided whether to exclude huawei from the scope of suppliers. This also shows that the application of 5G in many countries is still in the stage of research and discussion, and the cooperation of communication equipment manufacturers have not yet been determined.

Of course, many mobile phone signal shielding manufacturers have made preparations for the future, such as Perfectjammer has begun to develop 5G signal cell phone jammer