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Pick The Right Model Jammer

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/14

  Once you’ve scanned the area and taken note of all factors, you can find the right jammer. There are many different types of signal jammers, so make sure you are buying one that is specifically made to block cell phone signals.

  Before you begin, make sure your jammer has a full power source. If your jammer operates on battery, make sure you put in new batteries. If it requires a charge, use the specified outlets to charge the device fully before operating.

  Then, ask yourself a few questions:

  Do I want a portable jammer?

  How long do I need my jammer to function?

  How big of a radius do I want my jammers gps to cover?

  Do I need my jammer to also block other types of signals?

  Of course, the jammer you choose will also have a lot to do with your budget. Some basic, portable devices are only $150, but more advanced jammers can cost hundreds.

  In addition, make sure you check for information on the specific model’s features, including:

  Operating time – how long the device can stay on with one charge

  Jamming range – how far the jamming device’s signals can go to block device signals

  Power supply – the type of power source the jamming device requires, such as batteries or outlets

  Make sure you will be able to power up and maintain your device’s function throughout use.