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Determine The Jammers Range

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/14

  If you couldn’t find the jammer’s range on the specifications, or you didn’t check before buying, you should determine it in a different way. You can:

Determine The Jammers Range

  Test the device’s range manually by walking away from the device with your own cell phone and checking signal bars

  Look at the output power and compare it to the cell signal in the area

  Amoderate level of cell signal can be blocked by a jamming device with 1W output power within 10-30 meters. Use this example as a base for determining your range.

  Think back to when you first scanned the area.

  Were there any obstructions that altered signal strength?

  Try to place it closest to the area with the strongest cell signals. This will help improve your jammer’s range and ability to block even the strongest signals.

  Also, make sure you don’t place the jammers gps behind an obstruction that will weaken its own signals.