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Cell Phone Jammer To Prevent Texting While Driving

Perfectjammer 2021/08/30

At the gas station, we can see signs that there are no smoking and no mobile phones. Every time I want to play with my mobile phone, do you know why you can’t use a mobile phone at a gas station? Let’s talk about this topic today. Why can’t you make a phone call at a gas station? Can I play with a mobile phone in a gas station?Cell Phone Jammer To Prevent Texting While Driving Really Can cell phone signal be blocked? The mobile phone must press the switch when making a call, and the moment the switch is pressed will produce a slight spark; some old mobile phones have aging lines, and sparks may also be generated during use. If a considerable concentration of flammable gas accumulates in the air at that time, it is likely to explode. cell phone jammer Is it really possible to completely prevent the signal from entering the gas station?

According to inference, when the vehicle is refueling, when the gas station fills the car or motorcycle fuel tank with gasoline through the fuel gun, the fuel vapor in the original empty fuel tank will drift outwards, and the newly injected gasoline will also volatilize into the air, making the refueling The density of oil vapor around the vehicle has increased sharply. At this time, if you call or receive a mobile phone nearby, the electronic friction generated by the mobile phone in the transmitting or receiving state may ignite fuel vapor and cause an explosion. The prohibition of making and receiving calls at gas stations is to prevent explosions, but I still see some people playing with mobile phones. Can I play with mobile phones in the gas station? Experts say that making and receiving calls will generate electromagnetic signals. If everyone makes calls at the gas station, it will interfere. Fuel dispensers, causing safety issues. If you are just playing with a mobile phone, WeChat chat is possible, because you are using the Internet, as long as you don't answer the phone. However, some careful people found some Cell Phone Jammer To Prevent Texting While Drivingdevices at the gas station.