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Compared with traditional jammers, what are the advantages of 5G jammers?

Perfectjammer 2022/07/04

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With technological innovations, cell phone jammer is constantly being upgraded, roughly divided into new 5g gsm blocker and traditional jammers. Compared with traditional jammers, the advantages of 5G jammers are very obvious. Then, what are the advantages of 5G jammers compared with traditional jammers, let's understand together?

1. In terms of power, traditional jammers are high-power jammers, so the relative radiation will be slightly higher. 5G jammers have very small radiation; and the shielding effect is very good at low power.

2. In terms of the impact on the base station, the traditional 5G jammer will slightly affect the base station while shielding; the relative 5G jammer has no effect on the base station and can achieve a perfect shielding effect.

3. In the shielding system, the traditional shielding device can achieve full-standard shielding, but when a new standard comes out, the traditional shielding device cannot shield the new standard, but the 5G shielding device supports the long-term evolution of the signal and is adaptive When a new standard appears, it will automatically shield the newly added jammer signal without adding new hardware modules.

4. In terms of the number of use, traditional jammers with detection linkage may be used in a very large number, and the amount of equipment required for 5G jammers is significantly less.

5. In terms of stability, because 5G jammers use 5G technology and chips, there are various types of information and alarm reporting, and the stability is higher than that of traditional mobile phone signal jammers.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that compared with traditional jammers, the advantages of 5G jammers are indeed very many, not only the improvement of equipment performance and stability, but also the whole signal shielding scheme. The entire shielding system has undergone unprecedented changes.