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DeAntoni Deon 2021-10-03

The National Ministry of Education promulgated examination disciplines to ensure the safety of college entrance examinations. In order to better eliminate the detection situation, many postures are looking for assistants on the campus of college students. Therefore, colleges and universities install the examination room Compact Cell Phone Jammer to prevent and prevent students from cheating during the examination. This year's 2021 college entrance examination is very different from before. Apart from these two new laws and regulations, there are many ways to prevent and avoid fraud. Therefore, they are called "the world's strict college entrance examination this year". certainly, cell phone jammer The actual effect has to be checked according to the trainee. In the national examination of laws and regulations, criminals who violated laws and regulations will be convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison. The latest version of the "teaching strategy" just started this month to impair student exams by implementing punishment methods. According to laws and regulations, including the reasonable and legally obtained answers of the examination papers, and the chemical substances that harm machinery and equipment, they can apply and copy the answers of others, and let others take the exam instead of them, or they will encounter "examination ban"3 for many years. Banned.

In other words, cheating in the college entrance examination will be subject to criminal penalties under more serious circumstances, or will be subject to three years of prohibition of testing. No matter which cheating person, it is the fatal impact and warning that the actual effect is not carefully planned, and some students and parents want to use this year's college entrance examination to be a reasonable and legal profit. They should be in awe, and it is not against the regulations. If he does not violate the regulations, otherwise he will be punished more severely. He is afraid to use his own methods and make fun of them. Strictly prevent sticking around and blocking all kinds of differences. Taking Beijing as an example, the police pick-up and drop-off test is basically completed. This year's college entrance examination is easy to browse the subway opening. The police will carry out serious investigations and investigations on suspected online test leaks, and every access point is to ensure that 8 police officers; 12 detection equipment is rationally arranged The car suddenly stopped at the point where the armed police inspected these. For anti-detection, Inner Mongolia college entrance examination students must be in accordance with the certification method of all the finger veins and blood vessels. Compact Cell Phone Jammer Cars check the information content of the display screen. Many new technologies have many ways to avoid fraud, and they are very complicated. It is also forbidden for smart bracelets to "enter" in Luoyang City to send unmanned aircraft to the exam venue. These, it can be said that cheating with the college entrance examination is clever, high-tech continues to prevent cheating in the college entrance examination and also pioneers and innovates, often changes regular studies, diligence is vertical Straight, no blind spots.