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Kertesz Istvan 2021-10-02

The choice of mobile phone signal jammer is good for you. Don't trust all well-known brands. Price is not a key factor either. Make Own Cell Phone Jammer Whether it meets the standard can be seen from the various aspects of the company's verification, application of raw materials, and adjustment of production processes. There are almost some regulations on the use of mobile phone jammers, such as whether there is a reliable registered company, whether there is a trademark registration, etc., can ask the manufacturer to adjust the photos of the mobile phone jammer, and the internal structure photos are almost norms for distinguishing a mobile phone jammer. . From the adjustment photos, we can see the frequency of a mobile phone signal jammer, whether the total output power of the frequency adjustment is up to the standard, whether the external 8 outputs are indeed the 5 outputs for favoritism, cell phone jammer I have already disassembled and assembled a few units, and found that many unscrupulous merchants in the sales market attract customers to choose this method at a low price. According to the above method, at least it can be distinguished that it is not produced by a small factory and a small processing factory, and the relative quality is guaranteed.

If you buy Make Own Cell Phone Jammer machine equipment, you can compare the main parameters and functions of the adjustment data information, and see if you can shield the signal shielding on the CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G/4G mobile phone of China Unicom Mobile Telecom Unicom. Whether each channel is sufficient for output power, the more routines that output natural output, the higher the actual effect of shielding. The world is vast, and each of my country's three major operators is different, and the network frequency bands used across the country are also different. For the customers themselves, they should understand where they must be used to purchase machinery and equipment, and what practical effects must be achieved. According to the application site and application, find a technical professional machinery and equipment manufacturer in my country and strongly recommend the supporting facilities and equipment that suit you. . At this stage, the price of China's mobile phone jammers is still very messy. According to the fact that the true and false are difficult to distinguish, the machine reduces the output power, and false advertisements, the price of the machine and equipment is only a reference, not the higher the higher, the technical professional and the manufacturer that can provide long-term after-sales service are considered good. , Market sales are sometimes based on the psychological state, rather than the intrinsic value of the product itself.