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Cell Phone Jammer Kit 4G

Grady Michael 2021-10-01

It is true that in terms of environmental protection and energy saving emission, the embedded Cell Phone Jammer Kit 4G cannot be compared with the external mobile phone signal jammer. From the perspective of the external structure, the embedded mobile phone signal shielding is a plastic shell that integrates a transmitting wireless antenna, a switching power supply, and a radiator. From the appearance design point of view, it is more beautiful, more convenient, and more convenient to connect to 1394. It must have complex advantages such as connecting a wireless antenna and plugging in a switching power supply. cell phone jammer In some colleges and universities, examination venues, conference halls, and information confidential venues have great advantages in areas where there is a large flow of people, convenient management or frequent movement.

The type of external Cell Phone Jammer Kit 4G From the structure point of view, he chooses thickened pure aluminum alloy profiles through air oxidation spray painting and other processing techniques to fully integrate the pcb circuit board and the chassis, and use its own chassis to achieve a very good heat removal effect. , Because the wireless antenna is externally connected with the SMA head, the switching power supply is also unfavorable for long-term mobile applications. The actual operation is complicated and the installation is inconvenient, but its own advantages are also particularly strong. The actual effect of the better matching application of the antenna external and the shielding device will be better, because the external mobile phone signal jammer switching power supply and the server are also separated, and it is not easy to add lifting pressure to the server, which can be more stable and long-term work. The advantages of integration The external mobile phone signal jammer is more suitable for college classrooms, student apartments, theme churches and other fixed venues that must be used stably during long-term 365 days of continuous work.