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Signal blocker interfere with military communications operating on signal frequency bands


In recent years, anyone who cares about international politics will know the topic of "chip warfare". The world's number one United States, in order to limit China's rapid development, began attacking China's semiconductor industry several years ago. The chip industry has undergone comprehensive restrictions and suppression. In the past few years, many industries have been engaged in a "chip war" with the United States. The question now is, will the "chip war" in the field of signal blocking affect the price of mobile phone signal blockers?

Firstly, "chip warfare" mainly refers to the strict blockade and control of chips with processes below 14 nanometers by the United States and some European countries. The most affected and representative one is Huawei's 5G mobile phone business. However, in the field of mobile phone signal blocking, due to the fact that most of China's signal blocking products use domestically produced chips and the chip technology standards used do not reach the 14nm level, it can be seen that after several years of "chip wars", the price of Chinese mobile phone signal blocking devices has not shown significant fluctuations, which means that the "chip wars" have hardly affected the price of mobile phone signal blocking devices.

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Can signal jammers interfere with military communication?

Signal jammers can interfere with military communication, especially when operating on the frequency band of interfering signals. By transmitting interference signals, military communication can be prevented from working properly or misreporting, thereby interfering with military communication services. However, using signal jammer to interfere with military communication is a very serious criminal act that can have a serious impact on national security and defense forces.

The price of chips produced in China will have a significant price advantage compared to the price of imported devices, which is conducive to controlling the price and cost of mobile phone signal blockers. Another advantage is that the procurement channels for key chips or electronic components are not affected by changes in the international relations environment, as they are not subject to human constraints.