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Bircan Sedat 2022/3/17

In addition to this company, the reporter found that almost all intermediary companies of all sizes in Beijing have popularized Block Cell Phone Number When Calling , and this secret weapon has even become an essential office product like telephones and computers. "Whoever does not turn on the mobile phone jammer will cause the customer to be taken away by other companies, and the company will be punished severely!" The regional manager of an intermediary company told reporters. After searching on Taobao, the reporter found that the price of cell phone jammer ranges from two to three hundred to five or six hundred according to the power. This cell phone jammer shop has sold 15 cell phone jammers in the past four days. The owner told reporters that 80% of the buyers are real estate agents.

A customer service staff of a mobile phone jammer manufacturer who did not want to be named told reporters that large real estate intermediary companies in Beijing are all customers of this manufacturer, and the shipment volume has increased by as much as 40% compared with the previous period. The components of a signal jammer generally include: a server, a wireless antenna, and an adapter. In device Block Cell Phone Number When Calling , there is a strong data signal electromagnetic field within a certain distance (usually 20-30 cm) between the server and the wireless antenna, and there is an electromagnetic field intrusion (weaker) current near the 220V power plug) (usually 5-10 cm), therefore, how to place the device orientation of each component is very important, the placement direction is wrong,