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How to choose the mobile phone jammer

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

Generally speaking, the school will use a cell phone jammer in one classroom. If some classrooms are close to the signal source, each classroom may consider to add more sets to increase the effect. At the same time to avoid purchasing to some inferior mobile phone signal shielding device, can choose the brand public praise good mobile phone signal shielding device, such as Jin Yu mobile phone signal shielding device, specifically for the examination room they have to use mobile phone signal shielding device, so that it can be a one-off use examination room dedicated machine, all kinds of trouble, also facilitates selective difficult customers.

When the shielding place is less than 200 meters from the signal source, the shielding effect will be inversely proportional to the distance of the base station. It is suggested that the number of shielding devices should be increased when necessary in some places of special importance to ensure the effectiveness of shielding