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Is cell phone jammer suitable for vehicles?

The mobile phone jammer mentioned on the Internet can only be used at home or indoors. I wonder if it can work effectively in the car?

2021-04-24 at 10:30


Mobile phone jammers are also particularly suitable for commercial vehicles. You can prevent GPS from malfunctioning! Don't worry about being tracked. rest assured! The portable mobile cell phone jammer scans from the lower frequency of the pre-communication channel to the higher end at a constant speed. This scanning speed will interfere with garbled codes when receiving text signals from the mobile phone, but the smartphone jammer cannot check the normal data output from the base station. Similarly, to a certain extent, mobile phones will not be able to establish contact with base stations.

 Mobile phones show phenomena such as network, no signal, no service system, etc. Even if they cannot be used, they are prohibited. However, when the mobile phone exceeds the range of the protective device, it can be used normally. The telegram sent from the mobile phone jammer is undoubtedly an electromagnetic signal, but in the mobile phone jammer store, this barrier device will not process any equipment and data, so it will not form a sudden signal.