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Each GPS signal jammer has been tested repeatedly to see whether its performance meets the standard


mobile Jammer

  Everyone thinks that the greater the power of, the farther the shielding effect will be. In fact, this is not entirely correct. Many manufacturers take advantage of the fact that ordinary users cannot detect the actual power, and deliberately exaggerate the power of the shielding device for publicity, resulting in the nominal power index of the equipment. lose its reference value. For a large-scale shielding system, the shielding technology used is the decisive factor for the shielding effect. The advantages brought by advanced shielding technology far outweigh the output power factor of the shielded device. The mobile phone signal jammer uses a directional antenna to avoid external interference, which is also incorrect, because the directional antenna covers the main lobe, side lobe and back lobe, and the main lobe coverage angle is defined as the deviation from the main lobe axis. angle of time. That is, the radiation intensity from the side and rear of the directional antenna is only much lower than the main lobe. Therefore, if the space close to the antenna still has considerable shielding power, coupled with the reflection of the shielded building, it will still cause external interference. Moreover, if it is not applied properly, it will cause uplink interference, and its interference range will be larger. Therefore, whether the equipment technology can meet the conditions, the application of the antenna, and the debugging of the system are far more meaningful than whether the directional antenna is used.

  Smartphones are emerging as a new technological electronic device in today's society. How to limit the convenience it brings? Key vocational qualification exams across the country will be mobile . Undoubtedly, mobile phones have already undergone earth-shaking changes in our daily lives. Mobile phones make it much easier for us to use the Internet. We can use our phone to buy or sell things, but if you're working on your work and you're suddenly interrupted by a phone call. Thus, the Mobile 88 can become a very good dedicated tool when cell phones need to be strictly prohibited. Mobile shields can be applied precisely.

  In fact, each mobile phone signal jammer has been repeatedly tested for its performance and whether the radiation meets the standard during the research and development process to ensure that each mobile phone will not harm the human body after it is sold. This standard must be fulfilled by every . The shielding devices produced by Chengdu Basansiyi are all low-radiation and high-efficiency equipment, and it is particularly important to choose products from regular manufacturers. This will completely eliminate everyone's doubts. Now more and more companies and individuals use small cell phone signal GPS jammers, which can be seen in our daily life. But many people still don't know what kind of mobile phone signal jammer product it is, because compared with the large-scale mobile phone signal GPS jammers that have been used in the past, this kind of device actually already has all the advantages, but we have many People have never bought it and don't know what its specific advantages are. In fact, his sales volume is very large. Everything is because he has such advantages, so it gradually attracts our attention.

There is no reason to use cell phones in class

  In the event of an emergency, students have access to all phones on campus. 99% of the time at school is spent in class sending cell phone messages to friends, taking pictures, surfing the Internet, and passing the time in teacher lectures based on social media. In schools, turn on the power switch and encourage students to focus heavily on cultural education in the classroom. One day, in college, they won't be controlled by their teachers. They can open the phone again. They will give them whatever service they want. The actual operation of the cell phone shield is very simple, there is only one on and off power switch. In order to prevent students from sending messages or talking on the phone in class, many schools have purchased mobile phone signal jammers gps, the purpose is to prevent students from not concentrating in class and listening to lectures carefully. The school leader said: "I think this is what everyone really needs." The school has launched discussions at this stage, affecting the opening of the decoration during class hours and closing it after lunch and after class. "Everyone firmly believes that even at school, parents must keep in touch with students, and students must contact their parents," but colleges allow students to bring mobile phones to study, but they must be turned off in class.

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