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The prison cell phone GPS jammer has a large shielding range


  The prison cell phone signal jammer has a large shielding range and a small number of installations, which is very popular among customers. However, in the high wall of the prison, the shielded band will also be affected by the density of the building and the wall of the building, thus leaving a shielding blind spot. Therefore, it is recommended to use the prison with large and small power together in the prison. When using a low-power prison cell phone signal jammer, it can solve the problem of shielding blind spots. In the prison cell phone signal jammer industry, our company's equipment and solutions are in a leading position, not only to perfectly realize the full shielding project of cell phone signals, but also to use intelligent detection + shielding solutions in larger prison scenes. Flexible networking, controllable shielding range, and excellent shielding effect. And there is a complete after-sales service system, which guarantees the good and long-lasting operation of the prison cell phone signal jammer in the later period, and effectively solves the customer's problems.

  The easiest way to block your phone's signal is to turn on your phone's airplane mode. The mobile phone flight mode is a convenient mobile phone signal mode introduced by manufacturers to meet the needs of users in some situations where mobile phone signals are not allowed. For example, on a plane, in a meeting, when you need to concentrate on something, when you need to sleep well. In addition, some places with strong magnetic fields or abnormal magnetic fields will also interfere with the mobile phone signal to a certain extent. There is no real software on the market yet. The so-called mobile phone signal blocker software is a kind of junk software, which can only block mobile phone signals on the surface, but actually has no effect. If you find some 88 software in the application market and download and use it, you will find that all these applications can do are superficial data articles, but they do not really change the signal strength of other devices. If you really want to block other mobile phone equipment in some occasions, it is recommended to buy some professional mobile phone signal blocker equipment, because blocking mobile phone signals requires professional hardware, not some simple software.

  There is a kind of bad signal, called the two days of the college entrance examination. As a heavy mobile phone user, the battery and signal of the mobile phone are the life tank. For such heavy mobile phone addicts, the most unhappy days of the year are the three days of the college entrance examination. In the short three days of the college entrance examination, in addition to the uninterrupted news reports and the unprovoked crowding when passing the test center, the most impressive thing was the poor mobile phone signal due to the use of during the test. What is the sacredness of the mobile phone signal shielding device? Today, let's trace the ins and outs of this artifact together. At first, everyone was happy when the cell phone jammer appeared. At first, the jammer was not actually set up for the exam scene. The original application of cell phone GPS jammers was actually prisons. Prisons need physical and information isolation. In order to ensure the information security and privacy of the prison's high-wall compound, it is necessary for the prison to isolate the communication signals between the prison and the prison. This is the original intention of the cell phone signal jammer. When the signal jammer was first invented, the whole world was only in the 2G era. At that time, although there were three operators in China, all mobile phones used the second-generation network communication technology. The communication frequencies of mobile phones used by manufacturers of different standards are quite different.

16 Antenna 5G Jammers

  When the rechargeable battery of the mobile phone is in operation, when the bell comes, it can generate full kinetic energy and cause spark discharge generated by the small flame, which may lead to a fire accident. In the safety-related part, there are clear regulations that gas stations discourage the use of mobile phones. It has been a long time. It's been a while, but now the implementation is not ideal. The facilities of the gas station are controlled by the computer, and the data signal of the mobile phone will affect the routine work of the facility, which will lead to the prohibition of the metering verification. Demolition of gas station works. Adding to gas stations can avoid some unfortunate occurrences. Therefore, gas stations that are classified as fire safety sites not only discourage the use of mobile phones within the website, but also do not need to use mobile phones within two or three meters around the gas station. At the same time, gas stations should set up obvious representatives to discourage calling on mobile phones, and generally spread safety knowledge, so that people know that calling on mobile phones at gas stations is undoubtedly the same industry as tigers.

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