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A new Jammer problem has emerged in prisons in many countries


Cellphone  Blocker

  As of the end of 2022, according to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, all prefectures, cities, and more than 97% of counties, urban areas and 40% of townships and streets in China have completed the coverage of 5G signal Internet at this stage. The number of users of 5G terminal products has also reached 450 million, and the global market share has reached more than 80%. The that was purchased by colleges and universities in the past, since there was no 5G release at that time, during the entire application process of signal shielding in the current examination room, the 5G signal could no longer be shielded, which requires college examination room customers to update or update the original mobile phone signal jammer.

In colleges and universities, the exams should be completely shielded

   High-efficiency, maintenance and inspection are all normal and disciplined, and at the same time, the design of heat exhaust strips is selected, so it is not easy to worry about fan noise harming high-end confidential places. The characteristics are stable, and it is not easy to prevent the situation that the screen is blocked for a while and sometimes the salary is not screened. The distance between the screen medicine and the screen can be adjusted. The BPS-7A intelligent 88 makes the control places such as detention centers more personalized. The hidden installation of wall murals makes it difficult for criminals and bailiffs to have a positive attitude. The interface can write cultural and educational renewal propaganda, and remind criminals to repent at all times. The design scheme of the power amplifier line is more easily shielded by the surrounding of the dialog box through the large iron gate of the supervision warehouse, and there is no dead angle. Taking a standard prison building with a length of 100 meters as an example, only two or three floors on the first floor can be 100% shielded.

  As we all know, in this day and age, a new problem has appeared in prisons in many countries - cell phone communication. Now that the functions of mobile phones are as smart as computers, it has become an essential tool for prisoners to escape. Prisoners already have a systematic business in the prison to help them escape, which greatly affects the order of the prison. So it is necessary to install inside the jail. How to install a prison cell phone jammer is different from other GPS jammers. It can be used immediately without any other work. Therefore, it is very complicated to install a military cell phone jammer because it needs to cover a large area and must be effective during installation. Assignments such as power distribution and the total of 88 . Therefore, it is important to decide this allocation based on the local natural environment. If you must jail cell phone GPS jammers, you are warmly welcome to leave a message online for additional information. We will give you technical and professional suggestions for the selection and installation of related products, etc.

  Recently, many students reported that they have seen a new batch of new machines installed in the classrooms of the school, which made many people wonder what it is. In fact, it has been vigorously promoted and installed in the classrooms of the examination room. The equipment of is now used in the major exams in the school, and when the college entrance examination is approaching recently, basically every examination room has been installed with this kind of equipment. This is to prevent more and more serious problems in recent years. The emergence of the phenomenon of cheating allows candidates to take exams with peace of mind in a stable and orderly examination room.

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