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The principle of the test signal jammer is to isolate the communication signal

Perfectjammer 2022/10/10

  The principle of the test signal jammer is to isolate the communication signal, so that the communication device cannot receive and send data when it is in the shielding range, so that the entire communication device is in a state of no network and no service, so in front of , no matter what Powerful "black technology" cheating methods are unable to achieve their goals. The range of this mobile phone signal jammer is generally in the radius of 0 to 50 meters, and the specific range depends on the power of the jammer. The higher the power, the stronger the shielding effect and range. Generally speaking, a classroom is , equipped with a low-power machine is enough to use. Now, as a device that has been proven to be effective against cheating in the examination room, the purchase of a mobile phone signal jammer for exams is an urgent need. Here, high-performance and high-quality devices are provided with stronger shielding effects, which are worthy of cooperation.

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  With the progress of the times, many schools will install in the examination room to prevent candidates from cheating in the examination room. Today, Chengdu Experimental Middle School holds a test examination. The camera in the examination room is monitored 24 hours a day, and the special mobile phone signal shielding device, door After security inspection, radio detectors and other security inspection equipment. This is not just a test examination for the college entrance examination. In fact, many schools have already used the standardized examination room only used for the college entrance examination for the general examination room. The students all called it "the toughest test in history".

  In schools, students want to study safe and quiet, but many schools have the same problem, more and more students are using their mobile phones while studying, playing games, chatting and reading texts, they may forget that they are in the classroom, they Has affected the learning of other students. In every classroom we can mount on walls, ceilings and desks and make it work well there. 2G 3G 4G cell phone will lose signal after the cell phone jammer works. At the same time, the wifi signal GPS jammers will also be blocked, so students have no signal available in class and they can no longer play with their phones. Learning efficiency will be greatly improved. Most importantly, they can focus on their studies and lessons. Of course, all 88 devices are only installed in classrooms, allowing these devices to work during study time, other times and elsewhere, no need for shields, allowing students to have more living space.

  After all the exams organized by your school, these machines and equipment will show their abilities to prevent students from cheating in the postgraduate entrance examination. As for whether to turn on the camera and in classroom teaching, Nanlin University is currently investigating, and a decision may be made after a period of time. "It is true that a very small number of students play mobile phones in the classroom, which jeopardizes their academic performance. Although Nanlin University has a strict assessment mechanism, and resolutely does not issue graduation certificates to students who do not pass the test, the school is more looking forward to the "mark" "External, using a variety of methods to warn students at all times." Paying close attention to the teaching level and creating outstanding students is the service tenet of the college. "

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A drone jammer designed for portability. It is ideal for managing illegal drones. It is the first choice of the city security management department, and it is also a good helper to protect your privacy.


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2G 3G 4G Signal Jammer Handhled Portable E06

This cell phone jammer really does a great job. Easy to use. Blocks all kinds of calls. well worth the money. I bought 1 of these for myself , was very pleased with how it works , I reordered 1 for a friend . unlike Panasonic phones which claim to block calls , but don't .. they only block 30 #'s . & they let your phone ring once then hangs up on the caller. the caller thinks he reached you , but you just hung up . plus robo calls know they reached a live # once your phone rings , they keep calling you over & over...making matters worst cas , the robo caller will keep trying different times of day & night to see when you will answer. it keeps track of how many times each ph. # tries to call you .. blocks large groups of #'s such as no name , no number , robo calls , international ,blocked #'s ,so easy to use . you don't have to be home to block #'s . you can review #'s when you get home then block them . if you block someone by mistake , you can easily unblock them...

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