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Choose the advantages of a 12 - channel signal jammer for gps


  More than 18 channels, the more channels, the better the effect.For example, if you choose an external signal jammer gps, you can add 12 channels, and if you choose a built-in signal jammer gps, you can increase it to 14 channels.If the examination room is too large or there are too many obstructions, it is necessary to increase the channel and frequency band of the 5g mobile phone signal jammer gps.When choosing a mobile phone jammer gps in the examination room, you need to choose whether you can increase the channel frequency band, 5.8Gwifi and walkie-talkie frequency bands, according to the use site.

Choose the advantages of a 12 - channel signal jammer for gps

  If you look closely, you will soon know that the signal jammer is divided like this, because their interference distance is 20-30 meters, so in the 20-30 meter directory, once people know that the interference distance is looking for 20-30 meters of 20-30 meters GPS signal interceptors, they can easily find and make the right choice because they only need to click "20-30 meters", and the GPS signal interference with an interference radius of 20-30 meters will soon appear in front of them.It was invented and has the functions of a GPS signal interceptor and mobile phone jammer.

  Generally, the test room only needs 12 built-in channels to meet the needs of 5g signal shielding.Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers and schools using Block Skype Calls On Cell Phone .In the college entrance examination, the special 5g mobile phone signal shielding device for the examination room is also used, which can effectively prevent the candidates from cheating in the examination room.The price of the special signal shielding device for the examination room needs to be based on different It depends on the needs and configuration.The common models on the market are standard versions, with a built-in 10-channel antenna blocker, which can effectively block 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 2.4G, wifi and other wireless signals.

  Active gps relies on on-board batteries to operate, while passive gps has its own batteries and does not need to rely on on-board batteries to operate.If we want to take advantage of these services, we‘d better buy this portable mini dual band GPS jammers now to protect our private information.

  When it is possible to illegally install vehicle GPS tracking equipment, there are mainly the following categories: 1 > Business competitors; 2> Middle and senior management personnel in the same enterprise; 3> One party to a family dispute/marriage/sexual problem; 4 > undercover media, entertainment gossip reporter; 5> persons with malicious purposes such as fraud/kidnapping; 6> Secret investigations by government agencies/related departments.

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