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The jammer adds a lot of protection to your health

Perfectjammer 2020-08-20

The jammer adds a lot of protection to your health

Many people may suspect that cell phone jammers are any danger to our health, because they play various frequencies. Are these frequencies dangerous to us? Now, more and more people are buying mobile phone placement machines and other blocking devices. From this point of view, in fact, the answer is already known, because it is under the public eye. We can fully understand them because we know how important it is to protect your privacy, and since most governments are doing their best to monitor everyone, we have no choice but to buy these scourges and protect our privacy. But we must be clear about this technically. If there is a health problem, the mobile phone jammer has passed all safety and health tests, so you can confirm the purchase and use. If you remember, when mobile phones were first introduced into society, the same health problems were also worrying. But after testing, the result is the same-no harm.

According to a report by the French "Europe Times" on October 12, the French Minister of Education will provide brown coverings for maintaining school order and ensuring national health services. In the 2018 school year, primary and secondary school students will be prohibited from carrying mobile phones to school. He said: "We focus on the problem and can take different forms at the implementation level." Users may be for educational purposes and urgent needs, but in principle, phone use should be restricted. He added that several middle schools have successfully implemented the ban. Specific actions are still waiting, but he said that cell phone portable jammer can be used.

The second is Wi-Fi navigation. The system is under development, but the first step will be taken by Google. Google has collected information on thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots that can be used for navigation in the Street View project. As long as the physical location of these wireless hotspots is fixed, the location between at least three locations can be calculated. The signal strength is used to calculate the distance to each hot spot. The closer the hot spot, the stronger the signal. It can be widely spread in the future. But it also has two disadvantages: Compared with GPS, its results are not accurate. And it can only be used in densely populated areas, where there are a large number of Wi-Fi hotspots. I hope the accuracy of this technology will be improved. Here, you can see some tracking technologies without GPS signals, but this also means that there are many ways to track people. In this case, if you are not sure how others will chase you, it is recommended to use a general multi-frequency jammer.

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