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Why is WIFI accused of being dangerous to your health?

Perfectjammer 2018-04-04

WIFI affects healthThere's no denying that wireless networks have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, but do you know that WIFI might have an impact on your health?

The electromagnetic waves emitted by Wi-Fi have a frequency of 2400 MHz. This frequency causes the stirring of water molecules: this is how microwave ovens work by "agitating" the water molecules contained in food at such a rate that they heat up. However, the body of an adult is 65% water, and that of a child contains 75% water, mainly in the brain. The waves emitted by the Wi-Fi thus generate a heat penetration inside the skull.

The possible health effects of WIFI

Consequences everyday:
● intense, frequent headaches
● concentration problems
● memory problems
● sleep disorders
● chronic fatigue
● pain in the ears
● tinnitus
● vertigo

Long-term consequences:
● lower male fertility
● increased risk of developing cancer
● irreversible genetic disturbances
● hormonal disturbance
● disturbances of the immune system

How to protect your health?

Undoubtedly, the use of signal jamming equipment is one of the best solutions. When you open the device, you can form a barrier around it so that the WIFI signal will not enter.

Stephanie Russell, 72, of west Sussex, UK, has spent 4,000 pounds protecting her home from wifi because of the threat of wi-fi radiation. In an effort to stay healthy and away from wifi, Stephanie has coated her house with four thick layers of anti-radiation paint and banned her from using a computer or cell phone. In addition, she has a special WIFI jammer. Stephanie says she is highly sensitive to radiation and often feels dizzy or nauseous.

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