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Block A Number On Samsung Cell Phone Prevents Cheating In Exam Rooms

Perfectjammer 2022-02-07

A number of candidates confirmed to reporters that when candidates entered the examination room No. 13, No. 14, No. 24, and No. 42 in Area B that day, the invigilators did not have to Block A Number On Samsung Cell Phone scan the whole body. It is very simple. After confirming the identity, you can enter the examination room , mobile phones and other electronic devices can also be easily brought into the examination room. What made candidate Su Rui a little angry was that some candidates returned to the exam room after using the toilet in the middle of the exam, and were not asked to rescan. She said: "The invigilator just asked the candidates to hand over their mobile phones and made a superficial effort." Candidate Chen Lu immediately reported anonymously to the website of the Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, regarding the leakage and security of the 2019 Radio and Television Choreography and Directing Professional Examination in Jiangxi Province Check for irregularities, etc. She told reporters that in the examination room No. 46, when the examination was about to end, the invigilators found that some candidates brought mobile phones, but according to the relevant regulations issued by Jiangxi Province, they did not regard it as cheating. The exam house, just said a few words. thing.

What is the role of this cell phone jammer ? The reporter bargained and bought a portable Block A Number On Samsung Cell Phone with the smallest coverage at the price of 120 yuan. This cell phone jammer is about the size of a typical candy bar phone on the market, but about twice as thick as a cell phone. The all-metal casing has 3 antennas on the top, which can interfere with the signals of China Mobile, China Unicom, PHS, and even the recent 3G mobile phones. The device claims to be able to block various cell phone signals within a two-meter radius. So I found 4 mobile phones of different brands and different operators for experiments. When the reporter presses the switch of the cell phone signal jammer, its top lights up with a green light. After about 30 seconds, there was no signal on the screens of the four mobile phones, so it was impossible to make calls, and even the emergency numbers "110", "120" and "119" could not be reached.