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Perfectjammer 2021/10/26

When a middle school in Luohe City was conducting mid-term exams, it turned on Does Star 67 Block Your Number On Cell Phones privately, causing tens of thousands of mobile phones and PHSs within 10 square kilometers of Luohe urban area to have no signal or severe interference for 3 days. "Our mobile phone and PHS, I don't know why there is no signal!" On the morning of November 12th, Mr. Wang, who was working in Luohe City, called our hotline. As more and more people reported this problem, the reporter immediately launched an investigation. "What the hell is going on in these two days? The cell phone can't make calls and can't receive calls from others." Mr. Chen told reporters that he had a business to talk to customers, when he was at 9 o'clock in the morning on November 10th. When Xu contacted the customer, the phone couldn't make any calls. After confirming that the mobile phone was not shut down, Mr. Wang thought that the signal outside the house might be better, but he did not expect to run into several neighbors who had the same experience outside the house. Some people suspect that someone maliciously used Does Star 67 Block Your Number On Cell Phones to block the transmission of signals. cell phone jammer

Later, I learned from China Mobile's Luohe branch that they have also received complaints from the area that mobile phones cannot be used to make calls or that there is strong noise when answering calls. After investigation, the staff ruled out the possibility of a malfunction in the company's system. After technical monitoring, the shielded area should be within the range of Luohe City from near Mengmiao in the north, Huanghe Road in the south, Kunlun Road in the east, and National Highway 107 in the west. The area is about 10 square kilometers and there are about tens of thousands of mobile phone and PHS users. The mobile phone signal disappears or is severely disturbed. The school privately opened a shielding device for the examination. "They opened Does Star 67 Block Your Number On Cell Phones privately as early as November 10, and we asked them to make corrections on the same day, but they didn't expect to close it yet!" A technician from Luohe Mobile said angrily. On November 10, the company discovered that the mobile The signal was seriously disturbed. With the help of detection equipment, it was found that the source of the interference came from the Luohe No. 5 High-tech Campus. The relevant staff of Luohe Mobile Company negotiated with the relevant person in charge of the Luohe Five High Schools on the same day, but the school did not turn off the mobile phone jammer until 18:30 on the 12th.