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Cell Phone Jammer Introduction

Perfectjammer 2022-01-14

Cell Phone Jammer Introduction

On September 12, the National Games entered the last day, and the finale of the men's basketball final was eye-catching. The reporter interviewed on the spot revealed that the Tiexi Gymnasium, which will host the final, will limit the number of reporters. At the same time, the mobile phone signal of the closing ceremony venue was blocked by Cell Phone Jammer Introduction , and no one could communicate with the outside world through mobile phones. No mobile internet access. In the notice of the official organizing committee of the 12th National Games, it was written: In order to ensure the smooth progress of media coverage and service work for the finals of the men's basketball adult competition, with the approval of the 12th National Games Organizing Committee, the Shenyang Division Organizing Committee has decided to conduct interviews with reporters in the finals. quota allocation system. In addition, during the closing ceremony of the National Games, cell phone jammer imposed communication control on the venues, and it was not possible to make and receive mobile phone calls or use mobile phones to surf the Internet in the venues.

Before, many reporters complained about the inability to use wifi in the gymnasium and the small interview area. However, it did not attract the attention of the organizing committee, and now such a nonsensical decision has been introduced, which really makes the media colleagues laugh and cry. In a major national sports event such as the National Games, Cell Phone Jammer Introduction has repeatedly restricted reporters' coverage. This practice is really incomprehensible, and to a certain extent exposes the organizing committee's lack of related work and lack of experience. And other issues. You know, in a successful sports event, in addition to the outstanding performance of the athletes, the media coverage is also indispensable.

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