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Cell Phone Scrambled Up Screen

Perfectjammer 2022-01-12

Cell Phone Scrambled Up Screen

Some time ago, some criminals used Cell Phone Scrambled Up Screen to interfere with the normal operation of the car remote control key, and then took the opportunity to steal. Recently, there has been news on the Internet that the walkie-talkie can cause the car remote control key to fail. Can a walkie-talkie really have an effect on a car remote control key? In the urban experiment, it was found that when the two walkie-talkies are working, the cell phone jammer can really make the remote control key fail at a distance of 10 meters from the car. Relevant people reminded that the door can be pulled after the remote control locks the car, which is more secure. The online post pointed out that the failure of the car remote control key mostly occurred in the densely populated areas of restaurants, and it was also mostly during the peak meal period. In order to verify the authenticity of such phenomena, several restaurants and KTVs on Bohai 10th Road and Huanghe 3rd Road in the urban area were investigated.

Almost every restaurant has surveillance cameras in front of and in the store, and waiters are also equipped with wireless orderers. Each KTV store is equipped with a wireless walkie-talkie for communication between the front desk and the staff inside and outside the store. However, the security personnel in restaurants, KTV and other stores confirmed that the parking lot has never found that the remote control fails. On the question of whether wireless devices such as walkie-talkies may interfere with the remote control key of the car, the reporter conducted interviews in many car accessories stores in the urban area. In the interview, several technicians engaged in car maintenance have mentioned that there are many components in the car that can transmit signals, such as the ignition coil of the vehicle. When the car owner locks the car with the remote control key, if the ignition coil and other components just send a signal, it may interfere with the normal operation of the remote control key. Manager Zhang, who specializes in car fittings refitting shop, told reporters that if there is a malfunction of the car remote control key, it is very likely that Cell Phone Scrambled Up Screen interferes with the remote control. "It may be the walkie-talkie, or there may be other reasons, which can only be explained by experts in radio."

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